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Wills and Why Do I need One

  • Wills
  • A Will is a written expression of a person’s mind or wishes as to the disposition of his or her property, to be performed or take effect after death. A Will enables a person to choose the individual who will administrate the decedent’s property and make sure that the wishes of the deceased are completed properly. wil
  • This named individual has the duty to preserve the property or assets or your estate, pay the creditors, and distribute the estate property to the beneficiaries who you name in the Will. If you do not have a Will at the time of your death, the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will determine who receives your property, and in what amount.

  • Without a Will, the surviving family members are forced to guess the intentions of the deceased. Wills are also important when you have minor children. The Will may contain your wishes as to who should be appointed the legal Guardian of your children.

    Moreover, the Will can also include Trust documents instructing that a Trustee manage the decedent’s property until the minor children reach a certain age. To determine your need for a Will, please contact our office, as each person’s situation must be taken into consideration separately.